Lillin Shaper Reveal - This was the last character I worked on for Dawngate.  The entire in-game VFX suite was done by me.

Base Guardian - All attacks, impact effects and ambient effects authored by me.

Follower Mine - Environment interactable object with mining mechanic required feedback to the player.   *Note: The mine lines where programmed by the lead engineer. 

Liliin Gargoyle Skin - Example of the variant theme applied to the  VFX that had to be done for each new character skin. 

Faris + Forest Skin - It was nice to make a pseudo in-game UI.  The HUD on the character represented missile lock and how many incoming missiles where coming in.  The skin was a natural spin the default's more technological flair.

Voluc Icebear Skin - This variant VFX work required an icy re-theme.

King of Masks - The designer was thinking "Cthulu" so we used the opportunity to use animated 3D FX models for the tenticles and alienlike pods. There were difference animation states called via our FX system mixed in with traditional 2D sprites.

Renzo - What more can I say the guy liked making statues of himself!

Artificer - Melee wizard effects.

Vex - Model particles example with custom HLSL shader to drive downward moving spikes to save bandwith.  The shader was created by our graphics programmer.

Mina - One of our most complicated gameplay shapers.   This was the most difficult hero to make but we had a character with much depth in the end.

Fenmore Nine Skin - Examples of animated model particles that resembled characters.