Welcome to the Portfolio Site of 3Deified!

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Before you peruse my work that spans from Industrial Design, Architectural Visualization, 3D Modeling, and Realtime Visual Effects I wanted to give you an intro statement about myself.

On teams I play the role as the problem solver who thrives for challenge.  Each day I see as an opportunity to craft new experiences for consumers while maintaining a level of clear communication and proficiency with my team.   As a Real-Time developer I started as a Texture Artist at EA 10 years ago where my curiosity for CG graphics lead me to becoming a Lead VFX artist where I must bridge Technical Skills with Artistic creativity.  I have had opportunities in my career to dip into many general 3D related tasks.   And that yearning to learn and cross hurdles keeps me passionate about my craft. Currently at the startup where I am employed I split as a 3D Generalist / VFX Lead.  

Please Let me know what you think,

I'm currently updating content so I can share more of my recent work with you.  Specific examples to your particular need where my services could be of use can be provided per request.


Kris Orpilla